1,000 yen discount for boys with no experience in the industry with “I saw Tokyo Gaytown Guide”.

URL http://www.jam-2014.com/top/
Tel 070-5505-1132
Business hours 12:00~24:00
Genre Male prostitute
Charge Short Course
45min 12,500 yen
60 minutes 14,000 yen
90 minutes 17,000 yen

Traveling to a Location Course
60 minutes 13,000 yen
90 minutes 16,000 yen


■How to get the best value for your money
We offer membership discounts based on the number of times you use our services.
You can also get a discount of 1,000 yen for your first visit.
Please refer to our website for details.

■How to use the service
Please call or send us an e-mail and ask for the boy of your choice.
(We will ask you about your course, preferred play, and travel destination.)
Please be understanding when we ask for a phone number where we can contact you in advance.
Please be aware that the boy may contact you from a blocked phone number for location information.
(Please make sure that the blocked notification is turned off on your phone.)

◯Use of a private room
45 min.: 12,500 yen
60 min.: 14,000 yen
90 min.: 17,000 yen
120 min.: 20,000 yen
150 min.: 23,000 yen
180 min.: 26,000 yen
Extra 30 min. 4,000 yen

○Traveling to a Location
60 min.: 13,000 yen
90 min.: 16,000 yen
120 min.: 19,000 yen
150 min.: 22,000 yen
180 min.: 25,000 yen
Extra 30 min. 4,000 yen

♂Overnight Course♂
Traveling to a Location
10 hours 29,000 yen
12 hours 30,000 yen
If you use the Traveling to a Location overnight stay, it is possible to start at 10:00 p.m. Please choose the time you want.

Other courses are also available.
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