「Mention about「Tokyo Gaytown Guide」」Star course charge 500 yen OFF ★

Address Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku 2-11-7 33 Miyaba Building B1【MAP
Tel 03-6380-5526
Mail address
Business hours 19:00 〜
Genre Gay bar / Mix bar
Charge Jet course
SET 3,000 yen
Various bottles 4,500 yen

Star course
1,000 yen charge
Cocktail 1,000 yen
Beer 1,100 yen ~


Even if you are new to 2-chome, if you come to JET, you can become a professional customer of 2-chome in an instance.
Although the threshold is low, the hospitality of the shop is the best in the world for both women and for the first-timers.
JET’s concept is “let’s enjoy a weekend feeling 365 days a year”.