Mix Club Queen

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Mention about「Tokyo Gaytown Guide」60min SET ¥0 ※If you nominate a cast
Terms of use
①Please show this coupon to employees when you enter the store. It is invalid if you show this coupon after entering the store.
②Cannot be used in combination with other services.
③We may decline during events and congestion.
④60min SET will be free for 1 customer per 1 cast nomination.

URL http://www.princegroup.jp/kanagawa/y-queen/
Address 1-2-9 3F Minamisaiwai, Nishiku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 【MAP
Tel 045-534-5202
Business hours 21:00〜LAST
Genre Gay bar
Mixed Bar
Transvestite Bar
Charge SET 60min MEN ¥4,000 WOMEN ¥2,000
Automatic extension30min ¥2,000
Free time ¥7,000 ※Bottle order system
Nomination fee ¥3,000 SC20% /tax10%


~The first and largest transvestite establishment in the Yokohama area! ~.
Transsexuals, female to male, gays, lesbians, drag queens, etc…
The new “gay cabaret” (a.k.a. Kamakura) is coming to Yokohama!
And free karaoke! If you want to have a good night
Fun and reasonably priced drinking, Queen is the place to be!
We’re often incredibly vulgar, so if you’re looking for a classy shop, I wouldn’t recommend it! LOL!